Creative & Design Coordinator

If you’re bursting with creativity, love to design and have a real interest in slow fashion with a conscience, then we have the role for you!

As a Creative & Design Coordinator, you’ll get to work across not one, but two fantastic brands, each with their own story to tell. You’ll be working directly with the Founder of Mayamiko and MadeBy_ to  set the creative direction for the growth phase of the company. 

As a design and creative lead you will have the very important task to help create new collections, develop and improve existing products made by our artisan partners, select and source new products from artisans and brand partners in line with our strategy, and own the aesthetic of the brand.

You can expect to be involved with a wide range of important tasks such as managing the overall visual identity of the brands, and helping continuously develop it staying on top of trends.

You’ll be taking a keen approach on product selection and product improvement with a real focus on ramping up the zero-waste approach.

You’ll be chatting and building relationships with very important people to the business such as the pattern makers, artisans and brand partners, partner boutiques and wholesale partners such as Faire and Ebay. 

 You’ll also work closely with other key team players such as the Digital and Social media Manage and PR Agency - this will all relate to setting the aesthetic direction of the brand and making sure the brand ethos and tone of voice translates across all marketing and sales activities/assets.

 There will be lots to get involved with and no two days will be the same! You might even be identifying new strategic partnerships, managing a cool photoshoot or pop-up event or helping manage press events and activities. 


What makes a mega Mayamiko team member?

  • You love fashion and being creative, but particularly have an interest in the social and environmental impact of fashion in the wider community.
  • You love to be creative, to work with others, and to bring ideas to the table. You love a mood-board and always have one eye on the latest trends.
  • You know your way around creative design tools e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe XD or similar transferrable tools.
  • You are super-duper organised, nothing gets past you and you can handle a few tasks on the go at the same time.
  • You have a really sharp eye for detail and understand the importance of respecting the brand within the work that you do.
  • You are really great at communicating with others and can communicate with all kinds of people from colleagues, to suppliers, to customers and clients.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! (if not, Google it)

  • If you’ve any experience within fashion design and/or product design this would be ace.
  • Any experience within fashion merchandise both online and in a retail environment are welcome 
  • If you have some experience with project/event management experience, this is helpful too (perhaps you’ve managed a project at school or college before? 

Don’t worry if you don’t tick all or any of the above, they are not essential requirements to you getting the role.


How does a career collab work?

Career collabs are new, created by hundo to make sure you can start a career with companies that care. hundo has built loads of strong relationships with companies across the UK that want to invest in young people and help you grow. Our collabs are all about progression and we only work with businesses that are willing to put their time into helping you build a career.

Do I need to send my CV?

We don't care about CVs, we care about you. We believe in helping the real you shine, and that means getting you in front of the company as quickly as possible. Of course we can't make them magically disappear but we help take away the stress of getting it right and show you how to put together something that represents you.

Are there any real people I can speak to?

This is at the heart of what we are trying to do at hundo. We believe real careers are built on real relationships and our team will work with you to get you in the door and get you going in a new career as quickly as possible. We won't just hand you off to another HR person, we make sure you only speak to the right people and take the hassle out of the applying.