Events & Social Media Assistant

If you're into music and festivals and want to get a foot in the door of events...step this way!

Who we are: Labyrinth Events are a London based music promoter focusing on showcasing the record labels, artists, and communities that we believe to be pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance music. Labyrinth also operates a festival venue in Bedfordshire called Tofte Manor. 

We produce live music experiences that create life lasting memories for our audience. We only work with interesting and unique venues and have a strong focus on ‘All night long’ sessions with artists playing long sets. and

Role responsibilities:

  • Monitor & help manage social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.
  • Carrying out posting of all social media channels.
  • Responding to enquiries on social media channels. 
  • Sourcing content for all social media posts and working with our creative team (designers, animators, video editors) to create engaging content. 
  • Carrying out research for event projects. 
  • Supporting the Events Manager with logistical and administrative work for events.
  • Assisting the Events Team with a high number of events, ranging from small meetings to Club Events.
  • Help with preparation & set up of events through to completion including artist liaison, artist itinerary and logistical planning.
  • Account management with our brand sponsors / partners. 
  • Maintaining records of all event budgets. 
  • Sourcing branded items for events.
  • Record & file management.

What we look for in you:

  • You love music and attending gigs/festivals/music events - you're keen to understand how it all works 'behind the scenes!' in a role like this.
  • You want to learn about this industry and are willing to get stuck into any task, no matter how big or small along the way. 
  • You enjoy social media and have an interest in marketing. You often use Instagram, TikTok etc, probably have your own accounts and feel confident in creating fun, engaging content.
  • Any relevant examples of social media experience with other brands is preferable but not a necessity.
  • Project coordination skills.
  • You are a creative person and enjoy thinking up and sharing fresh ideas on a project or plan.
  • You enjoy meeting new people (both online and in person!) and you like to speak to others about your work and what you do. We want you to be proud to be part of our team. 
  • You really like being part of a small, friendly team, but you are equally happy to work independently.
  • You are a confident communicator, whether this is on email, face to face or a video chat - you always bring your A-game and like to keep your clients happy.
  • You can handle a few tasks on the go at the same time and know when to prioritise and knuckle down.
  • You take pride in your work and being someone that people can trust.


How does a career collab work?

Career collabs are new, created by hundo to make sure you can start a career with companies that care. hundo has built loads of strong relationships with companies across the UK that want to invest in young people and help you grow. Our collabs are all about progression and we only work with businesses that are willing to put their time into helping you build a career.

Do I need to send my CV?

We don't care about CVs, we care about you. We believe in helping the real you shine, and that means getting you in front of the company as quickly as possible. Of course we can't make them magically disappear but we help take away the stress of getting it right and show you how to put together something that represents you.

Are there any real people I can speak to?

This is at the heart of what we are trying to do at hundo. We believe real careers are built on real relationships and our team will work with you to get you in the door and get you going in a new career as quickly as possible. We won't just hand you off to another HR person, we make sure you only speak to the right people and take the hassle out of the applying.