Social Media & Marketing Assistant

If you’re into fashion and lifestyle shops and want to help a small business grow their online community, a digital role at Universe Of Us could be a great fit.

As a social media and marketing assistant  you’ll be helping to create interesting and engaging content for the Universe of Us social channels such as Instagram and Facebook as well as creating content for the website and copy for regular newsletters.

You’ll be working closely with the business owners to make sure that the message online is consistent and will drive new interested customers to the Universe of Us website.

You’ll also be in charge of building up the Pintrest channel so will really be able to play a key role in the ideas and development of this area of customer engagement.

What makes a great Universe of Us team player?

  • You have an interest in fashion and lifestyle and are keen to work with a small business in this area of retail.
  • You’re great with social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest and probably have your own accounts that you actively use.
  • You’re pretty creative and have some great ideas for photography and content.


How does a career collab work?

Career collabs are new, created by hundo to make sure you can start a career with companies that care. hundo has built loads of strong relationships with companies across the UK that want to invest in young people and help you grow. Our collabs are all about progression and we only work with businesses that are willing to put their time into helping you build a career.

Do I need to send my CV?

We don't care about CVs, we care about you. We believe in helping the real you shine, and that means getting you in front of the company as quickly as possible. Of course we can't make them magically disappear but we help take away the stress of getting it right and show you how to put together something that represents you.

Are there any real people I can speak to?

This is at the heart of what we are trying to do at hundo. We believe real careers are built on real relationships and our team will work with you to get you in the door and get you going in a new career as quickly as possible. We won't just hand you off to another HR person, we make sure you only speak to the right people and take the hassle out of the applying.