25 reasons why 2020 wasn't all bad

Ok, it was pretty bad, but Tempo found 25 things that were actually ok...

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Covid is a pain. We know it, you know it, your dog knows it. If we never read or hear the words pandemic, Covid, unprecedented, Carole Baskin, and lockdown ever again it will still be too soon.

So what were the good things during 2020 and our still ongoing *whispers it* global pandemic?

  1. We didn’t spend all our money on below-average supermarket meal deals
  2. We didn’t have to stand in someone’s armpit on the Central Line on the way to work
  3. Captain Tom Moore became our national hero after raising £30 million for the NHS
  4. No one stole our yoghurt from the office fridge
  5. We have a very dedicated one-way relationship with that one squirrel/bird/fox that can be spotted daily outside our window
  6. We could be hungover at work and no one would notice
  8. No awkward silent rides in the office list with that coworker we don’t really know
  9. Same-sex marriage was legalised in several countries, including Northern Ireland and Costa Rica
  10. We learned to never take grocery deliveries for granted
  11. A women turned herself into a potato on Zoom and went viral
  12. We all believed for a few hours that the government was building a GIANT LASAGNA at Wembley stadium
  13. We could spend half our working day scrolling through Instagram
  14. Musicians took to social media and gave us intimate concerts from their homes
  15. We no longer have to smell that one coworker’s leftover fish in the microwave
  16. Being able to take a power nap whenever we want
  17. Not having to stress out about how to get to work during tube strikes or delays
  18. We can buy anything we want online and actually be home for delivery
  19. We don’t have to battle with the bipolar office air conditioning
  20. Many restaurants shared their secret recipes so we could make them at home
  21. A lot of people got creative and brushed up on their sewing skills by to make their own masks
  22. A lot of people accepted the fact that they are not creative and definitely shouldn’t be making their own masks
  23. Tesco and Aldi committed to rewarding their workers with a 10% bonus this Christmas
  24. Not spending all our money in the pub on rounds of tequilas
  25. Not being hungover after having too many tequilas in the pub