3 Monkeys Zeno team up with hundo to drive diversity in the comms industry

Everything you need to know about our new collab

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Here at hundo, we're firm believers that diversity is a strength and an absolute must. As founder Esther O'Callaghan says, "Companies with diverse workforces perform better." So it gives us great pleasure to announce that PR agency 3 Monkeys Zeno feel the same way and have signed up to our Career Collab to help them to build a more diverse workforce.

3 Monkeys Zeno pride themselves on pushing boundaries and have won some of the industry’s most coveted awards, including the PRovoke Global Creative Agency of the Year 2021.

The hundo Career Collab will see us provide industry benchmarking and insights from our Gen Z community; a second Launchpad stage where hundo content creators showcase the company and thirdly, direct access to a pool of Gen Z talent who are looking to enter the comms industry.

Not only that, but we offer continued in-placement support in order to provide more successful outcomes for both the young person and the business.

3 Monkeys Zeno Managing Director Jo Patterson said: “hundo have created a way to open up not just comms, but every employment sector to people who simply haven’t been able to find a way in. We’re super proud to be the first PR agency to work with hundo and would urge others to follow suit.”

We are incredibly excited to be working with 3 Monkeys Zeno, and you can find out more about the company here! 

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