3 things you need to know about GEEIQ

Introducing the company helping big brands navigate the gaming world

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GEEIQ provides in-depth analysis on esports teams, streamers, gamers and events to inform gaming sponsorship and advertising decisions. They’ve worked with some of the biggest brands, including Gucci, and L'Oréal, and help them make the right decisions when it comes to partnerships. Here are three things you need you to know about GEEIQ.

They care about the brands they work with! 
GEEIQ take into account the deliverables that a brand requires and then filters over 100,000 game and esports partners depending on their goals and opportunities. They know exactly how to listen to what brands need. 

The stay ahead of the game (literally) 
GIEEQ pride themselves on staying ahead of the game. Their insights and comparative analysis allows brands to truly know if they are going down the right path when it comes to esports and gaming. 

They report on trends

As well as collaborating with big brands to shape their gaming and esports strategy, GEEIQ also has an insights area of their website where they report on current esport and gaming trends and make recommendations for the upcoming trailblazers in the industry. 

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