3 things you need to know about Keystone 

Discover the company providing safe and affordable housing for families

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Dismayed by the societal hoops families and vulnerable people have to jump through when it comes to finding housing, Keystone’s founder Steve Thavum decided to take matters into his own hands and create a company that offered affordable and safe housing to families whose needs are not met in the current market. Thavum’s long-standing support of social causes, and work as a tech consultant, helps make Keystone a company that's ready to shake-up the housing game for good. Here are three things you need to know about Keystone. 

They can bypass long council waiting lists 
Keystone has been collaborating with local authorities and investors in order to move vulnerable families off lengthy council waiting lists and into safe and secure homes. What’s more, their approach to housing families is sustainable! 

The houses are re-purposed 
The houses that are snapped up by Keystone have usually been sitting pretty, unused for a long time. Keystone takes care of any work that might need to be done on the building in adherence to local government guidelines. Essentially, they take an unloved space and turn it into a much-needed home!

Keystone support their tenants 

Part of Keystone’s mission is to support its tenants in more ways than one. Tenants who have trained with Keystone are supported and helped into employment in order to improve financial stability.

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