3 things you need to know about Labyrinth

The events company dedicated to bringing you the best in contemporary dance music

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It started out small 
In 2017, founder of Labyrinth Nick Castleman started throwing parties within the walls of London’s esteemed but somewhat low-key Notting Hill Arts Club. Now, four years later, Nick’s parties in collaboration with Michael Dicks have grown to sell-out shows at Village Underground and Steel Yard! 

It’s all about the dance music 
Labyrinth have always championed the best in dance music, and that’s exactly what they continue to do, not just by platforming artists but also record labels! 

They have a label 
In 2021, after growing exponentially, Labyrinth started its own independent record label alongside the events company. They pride themselves on championing all types of genres of music, not just dance. 

Check out more about Labyrinth here! 

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