3 things you need to know about Magic League

Collecting the cash at the end of a 5-aside can be more painful than a crunching tackle....

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For one, there’s always someone who ‘forgets’ their subs and then there’s the puzzle of how to break all the notes.

That’s where Magic League has got stuck-in. The team behind it have created an app which allows you to do all the transactions online, so you can concentrate on what you do on the pitch rather than off it. Result!

Here are three things you need to know about Magic League:

1) It’s not just for 5-aside, or even just for footie!

While it’s perfectly fine to use it for your weekly kick around it’s actually powerful enough to deal with clubs and even leagues. It’s got features to manage team stats, schedules and even a chat functionality. And it's not just for footie, it's for any team sports.

2) It’s completely cashless

Who wants to be handing around dirty cash these days? With automated payments and no actual dosh needed, it’s the most hygienic way to run your team.

3) They know their numbers

Data is a big part of Magic League’s solution - from knowing the availability of your team’s players at the click of a button to the fact they have over 200 leagues and 10,000 players registered. 

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