3 things you need to know about One House

Discover the agency encouraging artists to take control of their creative futures

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Are you a musical artist who wants to break into the business side of things but doesn’t know quite where to start? One House has got you covered. The company offers support to artists so they can build their own businesses rather than operating in a sector that sees them solely as a product. From mentoring to booking tours and creating content, the company has your back every step of the way. Here are three things you need to know about One House. 

They champion new talent
Just one glance at One House’s current roster is enough to show that they have their finger on the pulse, and they aren’t afraid to uplift the next generation of musical talent. From deep house to techno artists, One House champions a range of scenes from the underground, and pushes them forward! 

They care about their artists
One House describes how musical artists can be seen as a commodity or product within the music industry, a money-making means to an end, and they want to allow those on their roster to create their own creative opportunities. They're committed to offering strong support for their roster in order for them to flourish! 

They work with NGOs and economists 
One House takes championing creatives from underrepresented and disadvantaged communities seriously. They collaborate with scientists, economists and NGO’s to not only deliver programs for decarbonisation but also to support young people from these underrepresented communities to participate in the creative industries. 

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