3 things you need to know about Reality Gaming

Reality Gaming develop innovative mobile games and specialise in digital collectibles. Erm..you're gonna have to explain this one!

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If you’re thinking what the heck are digital collectibles?! You’re not alone! Basically they are in-game items that users pay for but usually can’t redeem outside of the game. That’s where Reality comes in providing a platform solution to help gamers trade their collectibles outside of the app.

They also produce games including Reality Clash and Doctor Who Worlds Apart. Jobs at Reality include marketing, product and design roles.

Here are 3 things you need to know about Reality Gaming:

1) They’re innovative

Reality CEO Morten Rongaard is the brains behind Reality Clash - the world’s first augmented reality (AR) mobile combat game to implement blockchain technology. It’s been called a mix of Call of Duty and Pokemon.

2) They’re international

Alongside their offices in London Reality also have an office in Denmark and are planning to open further international offices...watch this space!

3) They secured funding during a pandemic

Despite all the challenges with Covid, Reality managed to secure their second round of funding in 2020 which just goes to show that there are people and companies who are succeeding against all odds.