3 things you need to know about Velocity

The investment consulting company who are actively championing their investees

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Velocity is an investment company that doesn’t just help businesses to thrive by offering money but also plays an active role in uplifting those that they invest in. Here are 3 things you need to know about velocity!

They don’t just fund, they help! 
Velocity uses its team of expert entrepreneurs and investors to make sure that the companies who they invest in are getting the most out of their investment. This includes taking a proactive role to ensure that Velocity’s investment companies are ahead of the game! Some of the ways they help include mentoring, and assistance with commercial and academic partnerships.

They love start-ups  
Velocity looks to invest in start-up’s that they believe in and pride themselves in championing small businesses.

They have 5 key credentials
When they are thinking about investing, Velocity are looking for 5 things. Usefulness, inventiveness, scalability, speed to market and management. If your small business has any of these credentials you fit Velocity’s bill.

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