3 things you need to know about XLP

Check out XLP and find out what they do to help support young people

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XLP is a place that provides specialised programs to help young people to create positive futures. Focused on helping those who are growing up in inner-city London estates, XLP offers programs on subjects such as mentoring and employability, helping up to 4,500 young people a year secure a bright future. Here are 3 things you need to know about XLP.

They support the community 
XLP’s community program is second to none and does the most to support young people within the community. They even have a double-decker bus that visits estates to provide a safe place for young people to connect and talk freely, as well as providing access to computers and games consoles. The community program also run enriching sports and arts programs for young people! 

They offer mentoring programs
Another way that XLP are championing their young people is by providing a nationally recognised mentoring program. They match an at-risk young person with a mentor who encourages them to make positive choices about their future and offer their support for 2 hours a week for a minimum of a year. 

They uplift youth voices 
As well as rolling out various programs to help young people, XLP also does a fair amount to lift up their voices! They employ staff who were once young people on an XLP program and they also consult a panel of young people to help with their decision making. This work in collaboration with London’s youth saw XLP nominated for a coveted London Impact Award for their continued championing of youth voices and young people. 

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