4 facts about Ernest Leoty

Are you wondering who Ernest Leoty Ltd are?

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Intrigued to find out what they sell or whether your next job will be with them? Well, we’re here to give you a little insight into the fashion world of Ernest Leoty.

1. Their name is part of fashion history

Leoty was one of the most remarkable corset makers in the 19th century, when he invented the first ‘modern’ corset. He made sure his corsets were light and supple, which allowed freedom for women to move around. His goal was to make sure women’s wellbeing was at the heart of his designs.

2. They think about wellbeing first 

They aim to make all their products fit into a woman's wellbeing in their daily lives. We tailor all our activewear and make sure to focus on our style, comfort and technical performance to make sure we meet our ultimate goal. 

3. They have French connections

They work alongside French couture technical experts who have designed clothing for Olympic athletes. All their sportswear are made with a Parisian sensibility to make all their designs chic, femine, and functional for everyday use.

4. Their production is an Italian job 

All their fabrics are made in Italian luxury mills and factories are spread all over Europe, including traditional corset makers in France.

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