4 reasons to ride with Bolt 

Discover the cab company that puts low prices and customers satisfaction at the helm

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When you’re propping up the bar, and your mate turns to you and says ‘It’s time to go home, there’s not a hope in hell that you’re getting on that night bus', you know it’s got to be a cab situation. Following the likes of ViaVan and Uber, Bolt, well... bolted onto the city cab scene in 2019. It’s since become a firm crowd favourite and is operating as an a-b taxi app in over 35 countries. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider riding with Bolt. 

While customer safety is something that can only be managed to a certain extent, Bolt does a pretty good job at crafting their app so that their customers feel safe when travelling. Their ‘share your eta’ feature allows passengers to link their rides with friends and contacts. This way your friend can see exactly when you got home. Safety first, always. 

Low prices
Bolt pride themselves on having some of the lowest prices in the game! Although they aren’t without surcharges during busy times, they offer regular promotions and lower base fees. 

Scooters and cabs
That’s right, they don’t just do cabs...they do scooters too! A recent addition to the Bolt family, these app powered electric scooters are part of Bolt’s pledge to ensure sustainable and low-emission micro-travel. They also boast that their scooters are the most efficient on the market, so why not find your local Bolt scooter and travel in style!

It’s in operation across seas 
That’s right, you can go on your holibobs and be safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a ride home with a trusty Bolt. The company launched in Estonia and has since taken hold of many European cities, as well as Russia, meaning you can get around Milton Keynes and St Petersburg alike.

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