4 things to know about Oomph!

Who are Oomph! and what do they do?

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Here’s an insight into the world of staying inspired as you get older.

They want to create a positive impact on ageing  

Oomph!’s goal is all about making a positive change for ageing in 3 simple ways: exercise classes, creative activities and engaging days out for their elderly.

They have a 74% rating for improving wellbeing  

They’ve had over 21,000 residents join them on their trips to many different places, and they’ve had over 55,000 exercise sessions as well as lots of different workshops and activities. Overall, Oomph! had a 74% positive impact on improving the wellbeing of those who took part.

They have 4 main workshop categories with their partners

They have partnered with many companies to make sure they have high quality and diverse workshops, including Kew Gardens and the Lightbox Gallery. 

Each category has its own name: Create, Relax, Nature and Culture. Activities include art classes, yoga and poetry workshops.

They’ve got an on demand platform

Their platform has lots of awesome features and activities to encourage our users to exercise and be creative with activity books and games. 

To find out more about Oomph! check out their socials.