4 things you need to know about Bolt Beauty

Introducing the stackable zero waste beauty brand

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Bolt Beauty is a cosmetic company turning big bulky essentials into travel-light capsules. By putting products in tiny poppable and stackable capsules the company is saying goodbye to waste and hello to an easy skincare or beauty routine wherever in the world you may be. Here are 4 things you’ve got to know about Bolt Beauty! 

Strictly Zero waste
You might think that tiny pods filled with skincare might be wasteful, but you’d be wrong! Bolt Beauty pride themselves on making their product pods out of natural biodegradable seaweed! These pods even dissolve in boiling water. What’s more, the refill bags for the pods are also completely compostable. They’ve really thought of everything when it comes to beauty products and sustainability.

Low carbon footprint
Not only are the companies products 0 waste, they’ve also put a fair amount of thought into challenging carbon emissions. They have committed to continuously striving for a lower emission output. For emissions that can’t be helped they use Gold Standard Carbon Credits which contribute to environmental efforts to reduce carbon dioxide from the environment.  

They are great for travelling 
The ergonomic design for Bolt Beauty’s package is one of the most appealing factors of the brand. Not only are the product pods refillable, but they are also easy to stack and make travelling lighter a possibility. How many times have you had to leave your favourite skincare at home because it doesn’t meet the 100ml limit? No longer with Bolt Beauty! 

They offer rewards
Bolt Beauty’s ‘travel light club’ is a rewards system for the company's most loyal customers. You can earn points by shopping for products or even by sharing the company on social media! 100 points equate to a £5 voucher and the rewards only get better the more you collect! Say goodbye to your old loyalty cards, there’s a new points system on the block! 

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