4 things you need to know about Human Forest

The e-bike company taking carbon footprints seriously.

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We all know that we need to be making a more conscious effort to save the planet, but it’s companies like Human Forest that are actually doing something about it! This new e-bike service is encouraging us to cut our CO2 emissions by ditching the car for the trusty bike and is launching in London in summer 2021. Electric, sturdy and managed by an app, Human Forest is the latest company jumping on the (well-needed) sustainable-living slash protecting mother earth hype. The company is currently London-centric but who knows how Human Forest will expand. Here are 4 things that you need to know about the company! 

You get your first 20 mins free! 
Every time you load up the Human Forest app to hop on a bike, you’ll get a daily 20 mins free! That’s 20 mins of cycling that is not only looking after the environment but also your bank account - don’t mind if you do. 

They’re strictly zero emissions
Human Forest is strictly zero emissions. Their pact to save the planet one CO2 emission at a time is the ultimate driving force behind the company. They’ve also saved 6.0 tonnes of CO2 already, that’s the equivalent of planting 276 trees.  No more Uber’s for you, on your bike! 

Time’s NOT up! 
You can hire a Human Forest bike for up to 23 hours! That’s enough time to ride to work, get to the pub and ride back again! Obviously, drinking and riding is strongly discouraged, but you get the gist. Plus there’s no need to leave the bike where you found it, as you can drop it off in an appropriate spot. Pretty nifty if you ask us. 

Refresh and renew
Any vehicles that are used in the operation of Human Forest are electric. Not only that but every battery used in a Human Forest bike is charged with renewable energy, there’s also GPS tracking, front and back LED lights, a kickstand and even a nifty basket. They really have thought of everything

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