4 things you need to know about Mixology with Olly

The cocktail connoisseurs that are bringing mixologist grade drinks to your front doorstep

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Do you ever come home from work and fancy a high-quality cocktail but can’t be bothered to put in the leg work. Worry not, Mixology with Olly brings premium pre-batched cocktails to you. Not only that but you can also find Mixology with Olly’s stunning array of drinks at loads of events, and pop up bars too! Here are 5 things you need to know about the company. 

It all started in Switzerland 
During a season in Switzerland, Olly became fascinated by watching drinks masters carefully create intricate and complicated cocktails on a large scale, and grew curious about their techniques and the combination of flavours. Since this trip to Switzerland sparked Olly’s interest, he then went on to create crafted cocktail menus for Shoreditch bars, bespoke gin menus and pubs alike. Since co-founding Mixology with Olly he is now bringing his ingenious cocktail menus straight to the customer! 

They do alcohol-free drinks
There’s a lot more to cocktails than just booze, and that’s why Mixology with Olly offers an alcohol-free selection of drinks! The alcohol-free pre-packaged subscription costs just £24 pounds for six incredible tailor drinks. So don’t worry if you don’t drink, you can still get the full experience.  

They know how to throw a party
Alongside their subscription cocktails, the Mixology with Olly crew are well versed in events and hospitality. They have experience catering to private events including ​​everything from festivals to weddings and dinner parties! 

You can pick between pre-batched or DIY 
Whether you prefer to get hands-on and gloves off, or sit and watch when it comes to making drinks, Mixology with Olly has something for everyone. You can select between DIY and pre-batched. Get fully immersed, or simply sit down and sip - it’s up to you!