4 things you need to know about Olly's

These guys are on a mission to feed you with delicious snacks that will love your body back.

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Their motto is ‘Snacks created to feed your feel good!’ Let's find out more.

1) It’s not just olives ya know!

Olly’s offer three types of snacks; Olly’s Olives, Olly’s Nuts and Olly’s Pretzel thins. Each lip-smacking snack packs a punch.

Flavours range from lemon and thyme olives, chilli and lime nuts to sweet chocolate pretzels. All designed to fit your taste buds but still be healthy. Oh and before you ask, all their olives have the stones removed, yey!


2) They harness the power of plants

All their products are 100% plant-powered and ethically sourced from all over the world. It is super important that everyone involved in the process of Olly’s products to be treated and rewarded fairly!

3)All their packaging is 100% recyclable

They work with Terracycle which enables all the packaging to be transformed into new things. You can even send them your empty pouches and packs so they can recycle them for you. Helping to reduce our carbon footprint and give love back to the planet. 

4) They’re a charitable bunch (of olives)

Olly’s work with Nest which is a non-profit partner, to help support mentorship and business development. They mainly help female-led artisan crafts and from all over the world. Girl Power!