4 things you need to know about Talent House 

The company connecting brands and agencies with a thriving creative network! 

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Talenthouse is a poster child for uplifting creative talent and connects millions of content creators and talent with brands and agencies worldwide. Here are four things you’ve got to know about the company! 

The focus on multilevel marketing and influencer campaigns 

Talenthouse is well-versed in social media and influencer etiquette and manufactures clear marketing plans to increase engagement within its audiences. 

The brand work they create is diverse

Diverse content, is essential when it comes to the growth of a company or brand and Talenthouse understands this. The company works hard to create high volumes of diverse work and this is only helped by its varied global network of over 1 million creatives!

A broad network 
Not only do Talenthouse have over a million creators on their roster, they also work across a variety of creative industries including art and design, fashion, music and photography. 

They work with big brands

Talenthouse’s network of both creatives and brands is constantly booming and they have collaborated with some of the biggest global brands. This includes the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Warner Bros, BBC, Disney, Sony Pictures and many more! 

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