4 things you need to know about Twiss Up 

Introducing Twiss Up - the cocktail delivery service

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Picture the scene - you sit down at the end of a long hard slog of a day, feet up, tracksuit on and you think to yourself: 'I could damn well do with a cocktail.’ Well...Twiss Up has got you covered. The cocktail delivery service brings premium cocktail mixes straight to your doorstep. Born out of a balmy summer day in 2019, Twiss Up pride themselves on creating deliciously fruity cocktail flavours for their customers. Here are four things you should know about Twiss Up! 

They have three amazing flavours to choose from 
They currently have three delicious flavours to choose from with beautifully alliterative names. From Punchy Passion To Cheeky Cherry and Lippy Lemon.

They use the good stuff
Twiss Up only use premium spirits to create the base for their cocktails creations. Let’s hope that means there’s less chance of a hangover in the morning!

They're 100 percent recyclable 
Environmental friendliness is a priority for Twiss Up so their locally-sourced packaging is 100 percent recyclable! 

They offer free delivery in parts of London
If you’re lucky enough to live in south east or south west London, you’ll be treated to a nice bit of free delivery from Twiss Up.

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