4 things you need to know about Wild Radish

Wild Radish don’t want you to cut corners, they want you to cook but without the stress.

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Anyone can be a chef, no fancy kitchens needed! Here’s a few facts about Wild Radish to get you started.

1) They are passionate about cooking, not convenience

Co-founder James realised there was a gap in the market when it came to food delivery boxes - they all focused on quick, convenient meals, but what about the people who actually love cooking? Wild Radish was created for those who love to cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

2) 8 is the magic number

They don’t have Kevin from accounts sending you his best baked beans on toast recipe every two weeks.  Wild Radish work with 8 top UK chefs who have their own restaurants, so you know you’re getting expertly crafted dishes that use only the freshest and best ingredients - the same ingredients that they use in their own kitchens in fact.

3) Everyone is included

They deliver nationwide across the UK so you don’t have to miss out just because you don’t live in London. They also deliver on Thursday’s meaning that you have your ingredients ready to cook for a relaxing Friday evening dinner or a weekend treat.

4) You can add wine!

Unlike most food subscription boxes, Wild Radish add an optional wine-pairing chosen by a professional, they really have taken care of everything!