4 things you should know about Just Bee

Life is sweet at this Manchester-based business....

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The Manchester worker bee is one of the best-known symbols of the city and has been an emblem for over 150 years. The bee denotes Mancunians' hard work ethic and the city being a hive of activity, so it's very fitting for this buzzin' business.

It’s a family tradition!
Just Bee was inspired by Joe's (co-founder) family, who have a long history in beekeeping. Joe's dad is a beekeeper in Lancashire and his grandad, Osbourne, was a beekeeper before him in Ireland. So as a third generation beekeeper, Joe and his family had a deep understanding of honey, beekeeping and the vital importance of bees and the threat of extinction that they are facing.

They slayed the dragons...
In 2017 Just Bee appeared on Dragons’ Den. Their buzzin’ pitch for their natural honey drinks got a lot of interest from the Dragons and they were offered the full investment amount but for a higher stake in the company than they wanted to give away. 

Ultimately, they turned the cash down but with zero regrets - the whole Just Bee ethos has always been about much more than money. Not long after the show aired all the big supermarkets came knocking on their door...

They came back fighting from the Covid crisis.
2020 was a very tough year for Just Bee; their now successful honey drinks saw sales drop by 80% almost overnight. Not to be deterred, Joe and the team kept busy on a project they had been working on since 2019 and went on to launch their very successful raw vitamin honey!

They are passionate about saving our bees.
Just Bee use a portion of the sales they make to buy bee-friendly wildflower seeds. These are sent out free of charge with every honey order, so all their customers can play an active role in our company's ethos and mission.

Even if you aren't a honey customer they will still send you a free packet of seeds for just a small postage charge. They stand by their commitment to plant at least one bee-friendly seed for every pot of honey sold.

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