4 Unusual CV tips that could help you land your dream role 

Find out how to spruce up your CV

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Here at hundo we are doing our best to move away from the fusty paper CV. However, that might take a while and as things stand, having a souped-up CV can significantly help you to land that dream job or internship. We’ve compiled a few of our most out there, and unorthodox tips for creating an outstanding CV. Find out how to easily boost your career prospects below. 

Not all CV’s have to be paper
Whilst this might sound obvious, we really aren’t joking! CV’s can take many formats, as long as they showcase your expertise. When we sat down to chat with AR super-mind Doddz, he told us that he flew in a USB with a video CV attached to a drone in order to land one of his first big video editing roles! He even bribed security with a couple of beers - genius!  What we mean is, think outside of the box, and create a CV that is relevant to the job you’re applying for. If it’s a graphic design role, design your CV in photoshop or InDesign. Perhaps you’re an illustrator - add in little illustrations throughout the CV! Thinking outside the box is regularly rewarded, specifically in creative industries so it’s an important thing to consider. 

Get inventive
As you might have guessed, hacking the mind of the CV is tricky, but once you’ve done it you're sorted! If you haven’t got that much experience, try to think of things that you’ve done that you might not necessarily view as relevant or worthy but could demonstrate transferable skills for the job you’re applying for! If your CV is looking bare but you run a depop or Etsy shop you could use that to say that you have ‘experience liaising with customers and clients in order to deliver a service.’ or perhaps you ‘develop and maintain an online retail venue, regulate inventory, manage marketing and advertising of shop’ It’s all about making it sound relevant and professional - that’s the key.

Send a cover letter 
Although not every job will ask for one, you can surprise every job by sending one! Contrary to popular belief, not every cover letter has to be 4 pages long, they can be short, snappy and make all the difference. Include your relevant experience but with a personal twist. This is your chance to show your personality in your writing and make you appear as a person rather than a sheet of paper with work experience. 

Ask for feedback!
If you didn’t get the job for whatever reason, ask for feedback! They might offer you general career advice, or potentially information on how to enhance your CV for that specific job. If you’re applying for roles in a certain industry make use of any feedback you receive. Who knows, with just a few tweaks you might be able to bag the job next time around. There is nothing wrong with learning from past mistakes.

Words: Grace Goslin

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