5 things about Freestar you should know

Alcohol-free beer is a thing, Freestar hit us with a few facts on their lovely tipple.

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1) It's award winning (with just a few hiccups along the way...!)

It took 2 years and over 400 recipes to create this award-winning beer. 

The team had exploding bottles, a global glass shortage and even found themselves re-stickering 3000 bottles by hand (a real label of love)...but they got there in the end and bagged a 'World Beer' award too. Nice one lads!


2) It’s completely Alcohol Free   

Yes, FreeStar is 100% alcohol free and no alcohol is used in the process of making it which is different to how most other alcohol-free beers do their business...

3) It’s better for the planet  

The method used to make this beer isn’t just to make the flavours better, but it is also eco-friendly. They don’t go through the whole brewing or de-alcoholising process. Instead, they just emit 90% less CO2, use 80% less water, 80% less energy and create 70% less waste than other methods.

4) It’s the first alcohol-free brand to attain B corp status

Not only does this drink help reduce the carbon footprint, but it is the first alcohol-free brand to attain a B corp status.This means all their ingredients are all natural and from the highest quality. It shows that the business is being used to create and force good. They strike the balance between profit, people and the planet .


5) It’s Gluten Free

And finally, It is also gluten free! They have 10 parts per million of gluten in the finished product, however to be officially gluten free you just need under 20 parts per million.


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