5 thing to know about Legatics

Find out how tech is transforming the legal industry

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Wondering what this LegalTech company does and what you can do on their platform? Well, here’s a little insight into the world of the legal management platform.


1) It’s designed by lawyers 

Legatics is a management platform that is used for intuitive legal transactions. It was designed by lawyers themselves to get rid of paperwork and simplify traditional legal processes. Everything is online which makes it easier, cheaper and saves time.


2) They did a re-brand in 2020

They had a re-brand in January 2020 where they introduced a new logo and brand design. They wanted to change their branding to represent their company as it is today.


3) They’ve just hired a new CTO from BBC News

They’ve just appointed a new CTO for Legatics named Steve Wheeler, who was the BBC News Head of Software Engineering. The plan is to expand the engineering teams at Legatics so they can accelerate their delivery for their users.

4) They work across a mixture of cases 

Legatics has been used for many different transactions such as banking and finance, and corporate deals. 


5) They take security very seriously

They have received anISO27001:2017 certification. This means that Legatics adheres to the highest standards of information security. They are regularly audited by independent external assessors, to make sure everything is secure.

To find out more about Legatics check out their socials.

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