5 things to know about The Duppy Share

It's rum, it's revolutionary and it's here to stay!

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Here's 5 things about The Duppy Share:

1) It’s a London thing!

Although its heart and soul is firmly in the Caribbean, The Duppy Share was actually founded in London. They are the official partner of the Notting Hill Carnival - the largest celebration of Caribbean lifestyle outside of the islands.

2) It’s award-winning!

Their spiced Caribbean rum won 2 stars at the Great Taste awards in 2020 and two silver awards at the World Rum Awards.

3) The story behind their unique name...

As whiskey ages, some of it evaporates. In Scotland and Ireland, they believe this goes to the Angels, they call it ‘The Angel Share’.

In the Caribbean, they believe something different; that the dark Duppy spirits swoop between the distilleries and steal the best of the rum. They only steal the best of the rum which is used to fuel the most epic parties, the rum they steal is called ‘The Duppy Share’

4) They give back to the community in the Caribbean….

The Duppy Share owes its success to the people, culture, history scenery and Rum distilling craft of the Caribbean. They have built a partnership with Dream Jamaica and are supporting them in their mission of providing meaningful mentoring relationships, along with educational and professional opportunities that will inspire and empower young people to pursue their dreams. 

5) And in London…..

Duppy is partnered with Rugby Portabello Trust - a local youth club offering a safe space for local young people. Through their Amplify Studio, The Duppy Share are giving work opportunities and creative experiences to local young talent.