6 things you need to know about NICE

Billing themselves as ‘Wine For Whenever’, NICE are on a mission to make wine from a tin a thing!

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NICE is the wine in a can company making long-train journeys and pre drinks just that little bit easier. Here are 6 things you've got to know about NICE

They’re big on flavour
offer three classic wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Pale Rose and Malbec.

All their packaging is 100% eco-friendly
All their drinks are stored in 100% recyclable cans. This is not just to help the planet but to also make it easier for their customers to take their wine wherever they go.

They’re vegan-friendly
Not only are they recyclable, but all products are vegan, because they are nice like that.

All their wine is straight from the vineyards of France 
All their wine is sourced from France where the NICE team spent years trying to find to make the perfect taste. Tough gig eh!

They’re a charitable bunch 
In May 2020 they launched ‘Wine for Heroes’ which was their first ever wine bottle,  all earnings were donated to NHS charities. NICE by name, nice by nature.

They love to spread the word on socials.
They even have their own hashtag #WineForWhenever where you can stalk them!