A beginner's guide to the Tech industry...

Get to know the lingo and types of jobs on offer in Tech

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Here’s a brief overview of the sort of jobs on offer and a list of lingo that’ll help you get by in those all important job interviews when you’re starting out.

Tech jobs: The basics
Web Development

Every website you click on is powered by code. While designers and creatives make it look pretty on the front-end, developers do the hard work in the background to bring it all to life. 

Mobile Development

Developers who specialise in mobile apps are increasingly in demand as more and more companies and their users switch to using them.

Product Management

Hitting deadlines and managing multiple stakeholders is a must for this area.

Data Analytics

If you're good with numbers and can extract trends and insights from a simple old spreadsheet, this could be for you.

User Experience Design

Combining technical know how with design skills, roles in this area are all about giving the user the best possible experience on the site/app/platform.

Digital Marketing

Once you’ve built your website you need to get eyeballs on it. That’s where digital marketers come in - they build campaigns to drive users and customers from a variety of channels.

Learn the lingo

Not the fluffy ones in the sky but a virtual space for all your online storage requirements.


Basically a combo of Development and Operations teams within a company to deliver projects and product improvements at speed. 



RPA stands for Robotics Process Automation (catchy, eh?!) - this is where ‘robots’ get to do all the basic jobs which frees up skilled humans to focus on more complex things. Don’t worry, they’re not ready to take over just yet.


A collection of computers or devices all connected together. In other words: the Internet..


Not to be confused with job applications, in this industry it’s often shortened to its more common name, app.


The most important person in the chain. You can build the most flashy website in the world but it’s pointless if it’s not user-friendly or your users don’t show up.

Open Source 

The easiest way to think about this is the Android vs Apple. Android is considered open source as Google allows external developers to take their code and customise it. Apple, however, hates this and keeps its code a closely guarded secret.


Websites, apps, social channels - all platforms, innit.

Code Repository

Developers need somewhere to stash all of their work - and code repositories like Github allow them to do just that.  

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