A view from the top: Analogue Wonderland

Find out how the idea for Analogue Wonderland became reality

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We spoke to Paul McKay, Co-Founder of Analogue Wonderland, to find out what it's like being a film photo company in a digital world.

What was it like finding your first job? 
I entered the job market in 2008 - one of the biggest depressions in recent memory and a terrible time for people trying to get started. I just remember a long few months of phone interviews and CVs and letters and in-person interviews...

Looking back it was a good experience to meet lots of people and see lots of different businesses, but it was also pretty depressing. I was lucky to then get on a grad scheme when a company expanded their places last-minute - which allowed me to get started on my career.

How did the idea for Analogue Wonderland come about?
I've always been interested in film photography but was frustrated with the limited places where you could buy film at good prices. There were lots of cool new brands starting out but it was hard to buy them from one place.

Then I had the brainwave to start that place myself! Using my knowledge of the film photography world plus the skills I'd learned in my career so far. I needed a partner who would be able to handle the logistics and customer

service, and fortunately my mum said that she'd be up for being involved. And here we are three years later!

Was it daunting going into business with close family? Not really! Obviously there's always a worry that working with family is going to become a bit intense, but we enjoy doing different things - and that helps us maintain some kind of balance. While there are definitely days where we get stressed I think that's a normal part of any job and company - and at least we know that we can always chat honestly to each other.

Why is it important for you to hire young talent at Analogue Wonderland?
We're a young business! And I don't pretend that we're doing everything perfectly on a day-to-day basis, but it's always better to work with people who are motivated to learn and improve - and bring fresh ideas to the business. And that attitude doesn't have any age requirement! It's all about attitude and enjoyment of work.