A view from the top: Caleño

Discover some tips and advice on creating your own drink business

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We had a chat with Ellie Webb, the founder of Caleño, about the journey to creating her very own drink!

What was it like finding your first ever job?

Landing my first job was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! I started out as an Account Executive for a creative agency, working for clients like Nestle, Estee Lauder and Imperial Tobacco. I quickly got the hang of things, and enjoyed getting stuck in to the work.

What were you doing before you started Caleño and how did you make the leap into the drinks business?

I worked in the drink industry before starting Caleño and I really loved it. It is a very social and fun place to work, especially when you’re young. So, I knew I didn’t want to move out of that but I also knew I wanted to find my own space within the industry. It had to be right for me.

I was working on Caleño for two years before quitting my job. I wanted a different challenge and to be continuously learning. I was slightly disillusioned by the corporate world, and smaller businesses seemed to be more creative, more agile and able to move faster – that seriously excited me!

What would be your advice to a young person who wants to break into the drinks industry?

I had a mentor who gave me some great advice, including ‘fail fast, learn from it quickly and move on’. I think it’s important that you’re not afraid of failure; things will go wrong, they always do, and you learn from them, which makes you stronger and better at what you do. Remember, it’s not the end of the world. My advice would be to find key people around you that you can get great advice from. You aren’t going to have all the answers and it helps to ask.

How can someone impress you in a job interview?

I’m always impressed when someone has clearly done their homework. They understand our company and already have some thoughts and ideas, don’t be afraid to voice them. We can sometimes receive a lot of job applications, so being a little more creative with how you deliver your CV/portfolio/experience can always help you stand out from the crowd.