A view from the top: Captify

Captify UK President Steve Pereira explains how he took an unconventional route to the top

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We had a quick chat with Steve Pereira, the UK President at Captify. He gave us the inside scoop on how he made it to the top and his journey along the way.

What was it like finding your first job?‍
Having done part of an Electrical Electronic Engineering degree and then a BSc Information Systems and Business degree, you would think I was all set to enter the working world. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth. The several years of theory had left me wanting to get out from behind a screen and explore the world. 2 years later I returned to the UK having done my best to avoid screen-related jobs and doing everything from barmen to a builder, demolition to fishermen, the list went on.

Upon returning to the UK, I quickly developed anxiety about the type of job I could do, let alone what to do. Coupled with seeing my fellow university alumni, now 2 years into their careers and beginning to gather a professional head of steam, I felt left behind.

While I had no real professional experience to lean on, my outlook had changed. I was solutions-orientated, focused, and having dealt with many challenges on my travels, convinced myself I could excel in any position provided I was given the opportunity. I started doing contract work, importantly doing those roles well. It helped me slowly build my experience and confidence. Eventually it led to a job posting that aligned with my mindset “A technically minded, solutions-oriented person who can take complex challenges and simplify them in a fast-moving new industry”. I applied, gave honest examples, and expressed my passion to succeed. I got the job and started my now 17 year career in digital as a Junior Technical Executive.

What made you choose AdTech as a career?‍
I must admit I didn’t know I was choosing AdTech at the time. What drew me to AdTech was the ability to make a change, have an impact, and be part of something. What makes AdTech special is not mountains of AdTech experience, but creative, innovative people who see solutions and opportunities in n-tech (Ad, Mar, Fin, etc). Captify was built by the founders with a vision.

Why is it important for your business to hire great young people?‍
It's important we hire talented people with fresh ideas and perspective, who are eager to learn and make an impact. We recruit on merit and desire. If you come to us with zero experience but an insatiable hunger to learn and an unrelenting desire to be part of something greater than yourself, we want to speak to you.

What's the best way to impress you in an interview?
Honesty. Tell me why you really want the job. Tell me about your life experiences and how your mind works, why you make decisions, what you are proud of and what makes you stand out from the rest. Lastly, what drives you? Demonstrating the right mindset, determination and self-deprecation will get you the job.

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