A view from the top: Circl

James Dixon, Business Partnerships Manager at Circl, chatted to us about why it's important for his business to hire young people...oh and global domination!

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What was it like finding your first job?
It was quite stressful! In my final year of uni, I was torn between lots of different things. I nearly went into acting but knew I loved working with younger people. I saw an advert that really jumped out to me working for Elevate Education which involved going around the country delivering high energy workshops on study skills.

How did you get your current role at Circl and what attracted you to the company?
I met Charlie, Circl's Co-Founder, when we worked at Elevate Education together. Charlie was one of the founding UK team - We get on really well and he's someone I looked up to when we worked together, so I couldn't resist when we first spoke about Circl. What attracted me to Circl is the ambition - we genuinely want to change the world, and build a place where anyone, regardless of their background can be a leader.

Why is it important for Circl to hire young people into the business?
So that we can practice what we preach - We train 18-24 year olds alongside professionals from top businesses (e.g. Facebook, Google, eBay, Innocent etc) in the coach approach to leadership. Coaching is about empowering people to find their own solutions. We want to give young people the opportunities, skills and the network to achieve their full potential.

Where do you see Circl growing in the next 5 years?
Everywhere! We've already got a number of international partnerships, and we want to be a global organisation.

What makes a great leader? (in your opinion!)
Someone who adopts the coach approach. Someone who helps people to figure it out for themselves instead of giving them the right answer. Someone who seeks to listen and understand and genuinely wants to help other people grow in to leaders themselves.