A view from the top: DCB Lab

Joe Hosken on why you shouldn't be afraid to fail and why we should look to China for future trends

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We had a chat with Joe Hosken, E-Commerce Manager at DCB Lab, to find out more about his journey in the world of work.

What was it like finding your first job?
Scary, super scary. It’s impossible not to feel daunted when looking for your first role, everywhere seems to want loads of experience and it can be very hard to see how your skills may apply. Getting used to failing and not being scared of being turned away are two pieces of advice I would have given to a younger version of myself.

How did you get your role at DCB Lab?
I was looking for a new role due to the COVID-19 pandemic and saw the job spec online. I enjoy working for smaller companies where I can have a big impact and DCB Lab seemed like a great place to work and develop new skills. 

Why is it important for DCB Lab to hire young people?
We are by design a company that is looking to capitalise on the newest trends and utilise new technology to our advantage. It’s important therefore to have people at the company who are comfortable amongst those growing online areas.

Where do you see the business being/growing in the next 5 years?
It’s a great question. 5 years ago e-commerce was popular but by no means everywhere like it is today. I can’t help but think that the business will grow enormously, and in terms of how, I think the best bet is to look to China and see how they have influencers selling directly to consumers. I also think that Facebook Shops could open a whole other world for DCB Lab and I’m sure we’ll be looking to capitalise.

How can someone impress you in a job interview?
I think people can impress us in a number of ways. There are those things that so many people somehow fail on, like being on time and being interested. There are also things like taking a look at our website and brands before, and having some ideas about how we can improve things.

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