A view from the top: Ernest Leoty

Find out what CEO Marion Rabate’s vision is for Ernest Leoty

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We spoke to Marion Rabate, the founder and CEO of Ernest Leoty, to see how she sees the future of the company.

What was it like finding your first job?
I studied Engineering in Paris and MIT, Boston first. But my first job was actually working in the Louvre Museum. I was fascinated by the museum and all of the history, I had to be persistent and worked hard to get that first job.

How did the idea for Ernest Leoty come about?
I had been working in finance for many years and was involved in the fundraising for fashion brands, that led me back to my dream of starting her brand. The journey began by doing research in museum archives where I discovered the heritage corsetry of Leoty. This inspired me to create my own athleisure brand incorporating the ethos of Leoty, “Couture for Leisure”. I think that the main differentiator of Ernest Leoty is that we bring style and fashion into the activewear world.

Activewear is a relatively saturated market, there are a lot of brands out there, but we were the first brand to think about it from a ready to wear perspective. Style is at the center of everything we do. Of course, the products have to be technical (that is a given), and we work with the best sports factories in the world, but the decisions we make in terms of colors, cuts, seams, are also driven by how the product looks.

Is it important to you that Ernest Leoty hires young people into the brand? 
It is important to me that Ernest Leoty hires young people into the brand because the young are the future. We are a small and young team and It is hugely rewarding watching our team grow together and also for our younger members to grow their careers and learn and evolve.

Where do you see the company being in the next 5 years, what is the dream?
Now that we have established the DNA, my main goal is really to grow the sales of the brand, especially from a digital perspective. People who know our brand love it, but we need to build awareness.

Medium term, I can't wait to further build the brand and explain my vision, the craftsmanship, the “lifestyle” aspect of it (for confinement, we have started an “instagram live” schedule offering yoga classes, and I would love to continue that for the years to come.

Finally, another long term goal is delivery on sustainability. This is a goal very true to my heart, and collection by collection we introduce more and more sustainable clothing. Our long term goal is to be 100% sustainable.