A view from the top: genio global

Discover how China provided the inspiration for Genio Global

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We spoke to Joseph Orike, the Director of Genio Global UK to see his journey from post boy to company founder.

What was it like finding your first job?

Finding my first job was rather daunting, as a 16-year-old boy after completing my GCSE’s I went to the local job centre and was offered a position as a post boy with (the now defunct) BHS retail group. As daunting as it was initially, I soon found my feet and became an integral member of the team.


How did you get the idea for genio global?

Whilst I was on my first business visit to China with my girlfriend, I was so impressed by the way the Chinese conducted their business, always highly efficient, always willing to go above and beyond to close a deal with a client. I immediately wanted to create a company that could imitate this same kind of drive but be based out of Europe.


Where do you see the company being in the next 5 years?

Within 5 years, I believe that Genio Global will have grown exponentially in terms of our capacity to facilitate our client’s requirements. A big driver of this will be technology. We believe it will become cheaper and easier for SME’s to execute functions of larger corporations without enduring the huge cost of executing those same functions in a traditional fashion.

How can someone impress you in an interview if they don't have a uni degree?

I would happily accept a degree from the university of life! What I look for in a person, is first and foremost, qualities such as, self-discipline, honesty, loyalty, a willingness to learn, tenacity, and the ability to get up and try again if things don’t work out. The ability to dust yourself off and try again if something doesn't work out is really important.


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