A view from the top: Harley Street HealthCare Clinic

Discover why Daneille Schwede thinks it’s important to hire young people

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We spoke to Danielle Schwede, the Practice Manager at the Harley St HealthCare Clinic, to get her words of wisdom.

What was it like finding your first job?

I was very lucky with my first job in healthcare.  I just qualified as a health and beauty therapist and had an appointment with the doctor in Harley Street who offered me a role to work with them.

Did you always have an interest in working in healthcare?

Yes, I was always interested in health or beauty.

The healthcare industry can seem a bit daunting, what would your advice be to someone who is interested in this field but thinks it might not be accessible to them?

No matter how much experience you have, all new jobs are daunting. You need to just think positive, think everything is accessible and it will be.

Why is it important that you hire young people into your business?

Employing young people is extremely important to any business. Young people are loyal and work hard when you give them a chance. Young people bring new ideas and they can work and grow with the company.

How can someone impress you in a job interview?

Working your answers into stories is a great idea. People remember the people who are interesting, passionate and positive.

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