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Find out why Hiber thinks it’s important to hire young people

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We spoke to Jez Hansell, the Director of Operations at hiber, to understand his journey into the world of work.

What was it like finding your first job?

Not great! When I first applied in my final year of university I couldn't get a job with a company that I wanted to work with so I ended up returning to university to do a post-graduate course. When that finished, I was applying for jobs during the Global Financial Crises and of the 10-15 companies I applied to I only received one offer, but fortunately that's all I needed!

What made you choose Operations as a career?

Although my job title is Director of Operations, my current role is incredibly varied as has been my career to date. While I enjoy solving the challenges that come with running an Operations team at a start-up like hiber the main thing I enjoy is variety in what I'm doing. It allows me to learn new skills, try new things and also not get bored by doing the same thing over and over again. I'm a firm believer that having generalist skills across a variety of different areas of business can be really useful and so that's something that I'll continue to look for in my own career.

Why is it important for your business to hire great young people?

They don't have to be young (!) but we do really want to hire great people. We work in a challenging, constantly changing environment which requires smart, driven people to contribute from Week 1 and also to contribute to the high standards and innovation that we pride ourselves on.

What's the best way to impress you in an interview?

Enthusiasm. If I'm interviewing someone and there's an obvious enthusiasm for the company, the role, the type of work we do, the environment we work in or anything along those lines then that makes me want to work with the person. Skills can be taught, especially with people just starting out that careers but it's difficult to teach enthusiasm.

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