A view from the top: hundo

Co-founder Piers Collins on his journey to setting up hundo

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Piers Collins, the Co-founder of hundo, tells us about his journey in the working world...

What was it like finding your first job? 
It was a bit of a nightmare if i’m honest, I left education in 2008 and like today the world was in a bad place but back then it was due to a financial crisis. So with not a lot of jobs going, I had to think about what I wanted to do with my life and find work that allowed that. I knew I wanted to move out of my parent’s place and also I wanted to work in a big city, so I started looking for jobs in London. Like a lot of people, I fell into a recruitment job and that allowed me to earn enough to get out of my parents home and move to a tiny flat in London. I had the best time through my 20’s, made lots of friends and ultimately that job gave me the confidence and skills to set up my own business! 

Why did you choose to set up hundo?
I felt that after 10 years in pretty standard recruitment I was always placing the same sorts of people into jobs. That didn’t make sense to me as I thought that anyone could be good at the jobs we were placing. My own experience as a first job seeker was not great and I was hearing the same thing from other people. So that was where the idea for hundo was born. Can we make a service totally focussed on bringing businesses together with young people. Empower young people with the knowledge and understanding to make a judgement on what they want to do for a living. We want young people to have access to any career no matter where they come from or their background. 

Why is it important that you hire young people into your business?
It’s more important for hundo than most businesses! That’s because we are entirely committed to helping young people launch their careers. I am in my 30’s now so not that young any more, our younger team members are vital for checking that we are using the right language, appearing on the right platforms and generally making sure we are being an ally to young people across the UK. 

What's the best way to impress you at an interview ?
Be yourself and be aware of who you are. I know that this sounds kind of cliched but when you are trying to land your first job we know that you do not have much experience. The best thing you can do is think about your personality and what you are good at, that is the best place to start, then get that personality across in the interview. We can teach you how to do the work, we just want to be happy to hang around with you 5 days a week!