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Find out how Influencer director Tom Cooper-Smith got into marketing

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We caught up with Tom Cooper-Smith, Client Director at Influencer, to find out more about his way into the world of work..

What was it like finding your first job?

‍For me it all came down to an opportune moment on a train, ironically on the way back from an interview which hadn't gone too well. I bumped into an old school colleague and got talking about jobs which is when he mentioned his elder sister worked at a marketing agency who were looking to hire an Account Executive. I contacted her that evening, had an interview the next day and was offered the job the day after. So coincidence and luck definitely played their part but it did highlight to me the value in keeping in touch with old colleagues and friends to build and develop a strong network.

Did you ever see yourself working in this unique area of Marketing?

Prior to working within influencer marketing, I was lucky enough to work in a very innovative content acquisition team at Universal Pictures which focused on buying distribution rights to films and documentaries and subsequently developing global release strategies for them. The role required me to be very close to the commercial terms of the acquisition deals but also the talent attributed to the content, regularly speaking to the filmmakers and actors about marketing and publicity plans.

At a similar time, influencer marketing was seeing a huge growth both in terms of ad spend but also the number of agencies and platforms offering such services. The combination of both of these made me sit up and realise that there was a huge opportunity to transfer my skills and experience from content on the big screen, to content on the small screen.

How important is it to have young people on board at Influencer?

For me, regardless of age, the most important thing is what you bring to the company in terms of skills, knowledge and attitude. Some of the most talented and inspiring people I've worked with have had far fewer years on the clock but have taught me invaluable lessons and helped me grow and develop in my career (hat tip here to Ben Jeffries, Influencer's CEO and co-founder).

Influencer marketing is maturing fast within the marketing and advertising industry but there are always new platforms and trends emerging so it provides a really unique opportunity for younger people to help drive it forward.

Where do you envision the business to be in the next 5 years?

‍To be the number one influencer marketing platform of choice globally for both creators and advertisers.

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