A view from the top : Juice Ventures

Discover the qualities Head of Growth James Gibson looks for in potential hires

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We caught up with James Gibson, Head of Growth at Juice Ventures, to understand how it all came together for him.

What was it like finding your first job?

It was relatively easy but I was incredibly fortunate to leave university in 2005 before the financial crisis hit and the job market became more problematic for graduates. I did some work experience for a few weeks at a market research business during the university holidays and they offered me a full-time role on graduation. Then again, when I wanted to shift career in 2007 and go into digital marketing there were plenty of job opportunities available.

‍‍‍What gave you the idea for Juice Ventures?

The idea for Juice came from its sister company Velocity Capital Advisors. Velocity manages some early stage investment funds focused on digitally enabled companies serving the consumer market. The team realised that most of the companies they invest in require additional funding and support to turbocharge their marketing efforts. They built Juice to enable them to provide these services to both Velocity portfolio companies and the wider market.

‍How can a young person impress you in a job interview?

The most important thing for me is that the candidate has done their research of the company they are interviewing at and the market in which they operate. That for me shows an immediate level of effort, initiative and ability to think independently. I also personally like candidates to be humble when they are talking about their achievements.

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