A view from the top: Plumm

Find out why Asim Amin chose to specialise in the Mental Health sector

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We had a catch up with Asim Amin, Founder and CEO of Plumm, to find out how he got to where he is now and his journey along the way.

What was it like finding your first job?
Everything! I was excited and nervous. I had joined one of the world’s top colleges, dropped out, and started my business. But my family wanted me to study, so my expenses were cut off. 

I decided to build my capital, which was when I got myself the first job. I reached the office before time on the first day, but I was confused! It was a big deal for me, an incredible moment with mixed feelings. The first hour at work was the most rewarding. I had a confident smile and I was full of ideas, as if I could win the world that very day. It was a beautiful experience...God, I wish I could experience it again!

What was it that made you choose Mental Health and Wellbeing as a career path?
Transformation. I was inspired by my mother’s journey of overcoming severe depression because of her failed marriage. Her resilience and transformation have been my constant source of inspiration. I have seen transformation happening in real life, and that’s why Plumm came into being. I saw that change is possible and I believed in it.

My mother used the traditional route to therapy wherein she’d book appointments at an office and days later, she would get the chance to see her therapist. I researched online options around then but didn’t find many safe and organised platforms offering mental wellbeing services. So it almost became an obsession to create something which would offer a 360-degree digital solution. 

I knew at that moment what I wanted to do: make mental health a priority, affordable and accessible to all.

Is it important for you to hire young people into the business?
We love to have people onboard who believe in the cause and are dedicated to it. We look out for merit and the will to learn things and grow constantly. It is important that people are willing to believe that mental health matters.

The enthusiasm to change even one life adds a cherry on the top. One has to have the will - we have the resources to train and prepare them for the industry; regardless of their age or any social or cultural barriers.

Where do you see Plumm evolving in the next 5 years?
In the next five years, we aim to become global market leaders in our industry. With aggressive global expansion, we aim to make mental health available for all, and we are going to achieve that by including all.

Our multiple services, ranging from online therapy to online courses, guided meditation and live classes with certified and accredited therapists worldwide, allow people to learn, grow, and heal at their own pace.

How can someone impress you in an interview? 
Self-motivation and patience. With self-motivation being the key, one can achieve milestones. It is the best quality to have because if everyone takes ownership of their tasks/ projects and becomes accountable for it, they don’t need to be micromanaged by the leadership. 

Patience, on the other hand, is truly a virtue. Practicing patience in the workplace is a valuable skill to master. 

A combination of the two virtues honestly amazes me. Patience and self-motivation show that a person has the emotional strength, resilience and intellectual curiosity which, in my view, are founding pillars for everything and everyone.

Is a University Degree essential to working at Plumm?
I would say it is important to get an education, but having a university degree is not always a hard and fast rule when we recruit someone at Plumm. Even if you have minimal to no formal degree or experience, if you have the passion for learning and growing - it’s excellent for starters. 

I believe that if people are driven and passionate enough, not having a university degree is not too much of a hindrance. You can always train people to give them industry expertise. They can become your priceless assets with or without degrees.