A view from the top: Reality Gaming

Find out why Morten Rongaard chose gaming as a career

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We had a quick chat with Morten Rongaard, who is CEO at Reality Gaming Group. He gave us the inside scoop on how he made it to the top and his journey along the way.

What was it like finding your first job?

It was the best feeling ever! Suddenly I could work and earn my own money which was the best feeling and still is. Like many others I started as a paperboy and maybe that was the reason why I had a huge interest in gaming, since I was raised with Amiga and Commodore64 consoles and paperboy was one of my all-time favourite games to play. But I would say my 2nd job was my first real job. I was a dishwasher at the local conference centre and learned so much from that time and worked with 2 chefs, one of whom I still bump into today.

What made you choose gaming as a career?

The creative aspect of it. I have always believed mass adoption of new technology happens via gaming and blockchain, crypto and NFT is a great example of this. I love building stuff and since I was a kid, I have played with Lego and tons of games, both digital and physical.

Why is it important for your business to hire great young people?

We recruit on skills and desire. If you come to us with zero experience but an insatiable hunger to learn and unrelenting desire to be part of something greater than yourself, we want to speak to you, regardless of age. But young people have an advantage in their age when it comes to technology. When I was young, we didn’t have mobile phones or all the social platforms, but my son is almost born with a mobile phone in his hand and connected to the Internet. That knowledge and understanding of the fast-moving tech is to me a bigger advantage than experience.

What's the best way to impress you in an interview?

Honesty! Tell us why you really want the job. Only thing I expect is honesty and dedication, the rest can be taught.