A view from the top: Reed

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A quick chat with Ali Andarabi, Operations Director who joined Reed in 2011.

What was it like finding your first full time job?

It was quite challenging! I didn’t have any experience for roles I was looking for, so I started working as a temp in manufacturing and noticed they had an on-site recruitment function. Even though I didn’t have the experience I kept engaging with the people there and looking for an opportunity, eventually I was successful. I feel that there was little guidance at the time and I wasted a lot of energy applying for lots of jobs without much knowledge or thought, when actually, just meeting people and showing that I could work with them was far more effective.

What made you join Reed?

I only had 2 jobs, I worked in that first recruitment role for 7 years. I knew Reed through an ex-colleague and we had worked well together before and he asked me if I would be interested in moving across. The network I built in my early career set me up for making a great move as I became more experienced. The second job was a lot easier to get than the first!

Why is it important for your business to attract great recruitment coordinators?

The young people we have that sit within our teams are really eager to learn. They feel that they don’t know a lot when they start but all we want to see is the application and drive to get good at this job and progress through the business. This means, when they get more senior, they become great managers, because they know this company inside-out and they set a great example to their juniors.

We want to keep our company moving forward, the world has changed so much in just my career. Younger people have a great insight into many things that I don’t. It’s also important that a large number of the candidates that we engage with are young themselves and will be far better served by their peer group. They relate better, they have a better ability to reach candidates and we have the opportunity to learn a few things from them too!

What’s the best way to impress you in an interview?

It’s really effective if you have enough insight into the business and the role to be able to tell me why you want to work for this company and this team. Don’t worry too much about trying to ‘sell’ things that are on your CV but rather show me you have taken the time to understand what the job is and how the company works. The Hundo Recruitment process will hopefully make you better equipped to demonstrate this level of knowledge.