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We spoke to Sinead, Founder and owner of Seed, to find out more about her journey to be a creative business owner.

What was it like finding your first job?

Finding my first job in the field I wanted to work in was hard, it was very competitive. I applied for jobs which weren’t my ideal but gave me interview experience and a broader understanding of the industry.  I also chose companies I would love to work for and applied for any available jobs, I just wanted to get a foot in the door! Once I got my first job, I stayed for 8 years and worked my way up.

Did you always have dreams to start your own business and open a shop?

I first realised I wanted to open a shop when I was around 20, but I wanted to gain industry experience first. Throughout I gained experience and saved any money I could to enable me to start my business one day.  I made small steps while working; visiting trade fairs, registering the company name and creating the brand identity, all steps to keep me moving towards my end goal and help me fulfill my dream.

Do you feel it's important that Seed hires young people into the business?

Yes it’s really important, Seed was started to help nurture artists and makers, working together to build their career. It’s exactly the same with nurturing a young person’s experience. I didn’t know anyone who had retail experience when I started Seed so I’ve learnt on the job, it would be nice to share the knowledge I’ve gained with someone who is shaping their future.

Where do you see Seed evolving over the next few years?

Lockdown has meant we’ve had to close the shop on and off over the last year and we’ve had to adapt to our new circumstances. It’s essential we continue to keep growing the online business while increasing and improving the customer experience in store. 

How can someone impress you at a job interview?

It’s important to have done some research about who we are/ what we do, have some questions prepared and be engaged and interested in the ethos of Seed.  The role requires a lot of product knowledge so I’d love someone to convey an interest in our products,design and creativity.

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