A view from the top : Spinview

Find out why Linda Wade chose to go into immersive technology

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We had a pow wow with Linda Wade, who is the CEO of Spinview, to understand how she got to where she is now.

What was it like finding your first job?

I had always worked throughout school and at Uni (as a waitress, bar person and running telesales teams at a call centre) which stood me in great stead for sales and customer service-based roles.  I had lots of hands-on experience dealing with irate customers, and handling customers from all walks of life.  

My first proper job though came via a graduate employment scheme and I received my first proper job offer and accepted a role with Exxon Mobil (or Mobil Oil Company as it was then) trading Marine Fuel Oil.  It helped that I was completing a Masters and had the work experience, it definitely made you stand out from the crowd and gave the employers confidence you at least had an understanding of real-world problems - although I had absolutely no clue how to trade until I started.  

What made you choose Immersive technology as a career?

Well immersive technology didn't exactly exist when I was at school, I only got my first email address at University! During my master’s degree I was exposed to a business class that talked about the future of business - how technology advancements could change the way we worked; I was hooked.  

I wrote my master thesis on how the Internet would change the world of business as we know it (remember this was pre-2000,pre Google and the internet was literally in its first couple of years), how it would change communication, drive efficiency and change the way we operate globally.  From there I found the trading role back at Exxon boring, I loved the trades but hated the operational aspects and when I became involved in representing Exxon in an e-trading platform for oil I was hooked.  From here I left to find roles that would help me grow in a more digital world. Don't get me wrong I made mistakes - I tried a couple of areas within health all the way to finance before finding an area of business that suited me and a "home" at Microsoft.

Some years later, I started Spinview, an Immersive Technology (XR) platform that supports business leverage XR to optimise their business operations.

Immersive Technology is now on its next iteration and on the brink of disruption. It may not have existed 20+ years ago but the foundations were there.  Most roles and careers you will be in in 20+ years’ time will not exist today, but finding your passion, that thing that interests you will pave the way for growth into however the world adapts to fit

Why is it important for your business to hire great young people?

Young people are what drives a business forward,they have an inbuilt optimism and ability to anticipate and adapt to change carrying an innovation and energy that is essential to business growth.

Spinview, like other XR companies, having a pool of talent to draw on that has grown up with technology – that are native,often having never experienced life without it, is key. Having been brought up in the digital age there is a different approach to working life.


What's the best way to impress you in an interview?

Don't just recite your CV - I have read that and it's not like you have years of work experience to run though - show me who you are.  I will be looking for a team fit - who has the essence of Spinview, to be more than!  

We don’t need everyone to be the same but we do want someone  who can complement the team, show us what drives you, what makes you you.  I'll be looking at the thought gone into answering questions as well as personality fit to the type of role you are applying for. For example, there is no point going for a QA or Operational role if you have no attention to detail or go for something in Sales or Client Services if you don’t like dealing with people.

Show us who you are outside of work, we want to see that you are driven by something and not going to sit back and wait for the world to come to you.