A view from the top: Universe of Us

Meet fashion brand founder Kam Harris

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We had a quick chat to Kam Harris, founder of fashion and lifestyle brand Universe of Us, to see how she made her dream a reality.

What was it like finding your first ever job?

Finding my first job was so exciting, I couldn’t wait to get out there and be part of the working world. 

You studied fashion and worked in fashion, was it always a dream of yours to one day start your own lifestyle brand?

When I was a young girl I dreamed of having my own brand. Over time, work, life and other priorities took over. I'm so glad that my path has brought me full circle and whilst it is really hard work it's worth every minute of blood, sweat and tears.

How important is it for your business to hire young talent?

I love being around young people. I think it's the key to the success of a business. In today's digital age it's so important to have fresh eyes.


How can someone impress you in a job interview?

Be on top of your game, make sure your answers are honest and if you don’t have an answer just say so. If you flannel it will get noticed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions back. And if you are applying for a specific role make sure your CV is relevant.

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