A view from the top: Utility Hive

Find out how Adam Urey went from acting to talent management

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We had a chat with Adam Urey, Talent Engagement Manager at Utility Hive, to find out more about his varied roles over the years!

What was it like finding your first job?

When I was in school, I really enjoyed art and excelled at it, so I wanted to be in a job I was able to use those skills to my advantage and also do something I was passionate about.

Most of my family told me to get a qualification in the construction industry, so in order to do both of those things, I decided train as a painter and decorator, with a view of going into specialised mural painting and paint effects. I was lucky enough to be supported by my school in finding my job placement. I enrolled onto an apprenticeship course as a painter and decorator.

Was it difficult to juggle the acting side of your career with Utility Hive and are you passionate about both?

I graduated from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2011 as an Actor. I found a passion for acting on stage in my 20’s and decided to pursue this at drama school. I’ve been working as a professional actor since 2011 but working in the creative industry you need another job that runs alongside your creative career, as we don’t know when we will get our next creative contract.

I wanted a second career that I was also passionate about, so I chose to open an acting school for young people. I was still not able to live comfortably with this so I needed something else too. I have always been good at encouraging and developing people, so I decided to train to be a personal trainer. I have been working as an actor, running my acting school and providing outdoor PT sessions for clients but I still wasn’t able to meet my financial goals. I was then interviewed for the role of Talent & Engagement Manager at Utility Hive.

I hadn’t considered a role like this before but it turns out that my skill set in understanding people and my desire to develop people was key to me being successful in this role. I now have a new passion for this job and the people who work here and I still have the freedom to pursue my other passions alongside it.

Why is it important for Utility Hive to hire young people into the business?

It’s important for Utility Hive to hire young people into the business because it benefits everyone involved. After coming off the back of a pandemic which has seen companies close and leave young people with less opportunities to begin careers, this could have an adverse effect on how they develop as people and their outlook on life.

At Utility Hive, we consider ourselves to be champions of mental health and we are making it our mission to support young people through these testing times and develop them as fully rounded individuals. And, as a result of that we’re able to have a lively office space with young new ideas that will help us to develop as a business.

How can someone impress you in a job interview?

As the person responsible for recruitment at Utility Hive, I am impressed the most when interviewees are able to be themselves and be totally honest. Honesty is the most impressive quality in an interview. Also, enthusiasm, curiosity and a positive attitude. Whenever I went to an interview, I would always arrive very smartly dressed, usually in a suit. And that was the case for whichever job I was going for. Whether that was a construction job or an office job; because 1st impressions are very important. You sometimes only get one chance to impress, so make it count.