A view from top: Mixology with Olly

We chatted to Tim Kearney, Co-Founder of Mixology with Olly, to get the lowdown on his journey from running Drum n Bass nights to becoming a cocktail connoisseur

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What was it like finding your first job?

I worked for myself for about 5 years running drum and bass nights all over the country, after that I went into sales, so that was the first job I actually interviewed for.

I really enjoyed the process of finding that job and the interview process, maybe I got lucky with the people I was interviewing but I got on well with all of them and they all my interviews went on for a lot longer than the allotted time because we just ended up chatting.

In my first ever interview I wasn't offered but got some great advice which I took on board and was subsequently offered a job at the next two interviews I went to.

What were you doing before starting Mixology with Olly and was it hard to take the plunge to start your own business?

I had started setting up a couple of other businesses in the food industry, one which was running and the other which didn't quite get off the ground so had learned some really valuable lessons from these.

Then having such a great partner in Olly made it an easy decision to set up Mixology With Olly.

Why is it important for Mixology with Olly to hire young people into the business?

Ultimately we want someone somebody young because they have no pre-disposed idea of what is and what isn’t possible and their ideas can be really creative.

We're ambitious want to be different, and sometimes you need someone with less experience who has no filter when it comes to their creative input into the business.

What are you most proud of achieving so far at MWO?

At this stage, I think our events, which a lot of credit needs to go to Olly for - he has been amazing and his years of experience in hospitality really shines through.

In the future, we want to be a product-led business, and I'm sure the day we see our first canned cocktail on a supermarket shelf will probably be one of our proudest moments.

Without the events though, it wouldn't be possible, not only is it building our story - but that income has helped us invest into new branding, a canning machine and the ability to develop recipes suitable for canning.

Where do you see the business evolving over the next few years?

As I mentioned in my previous answer, it's really about our product and getting something delicious with amazing branding on shelves. We're creating a world right now for our drinks with our new character Olly, it's not on our website, but it is going to be awesome, we can't wait to get it out there.

How can a young person impress you in a job interview?

Being passionate about building a brand and open to learning. We don't expect anyone to know everything about everything, if you don't know about something, there's nothing wrong with asking questions.

Lastly, what's your favourite cocktail and why?

Amaretto Sour - when we started doing Zoom cocktail classes over lockdown for people, I'd also be off-camera drinking the cocktails Olly was making, this one always went down a treat. Dangerous though as it's so easy to drink!